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Iran seeks influence over Europe by tampering with nuclear deal

“Ryan Bohl, political analyst at US risk assessment company Stratfor, said there remained European consensus on giving more time for Instex to work but if Iran keeps wanting more, “the hawks in Europe will gain the upper hand”.”

CNBC interview on Saudi government reshuffle

Time Magazine on Istanbul’s re-do election

“That Erdogan and the AKP are conceding defeat is likely to reassure international observers, says Ryan Bohl, a Middle East and North Africa analyst at U.S.-based political risk consultancy Stratfor. “Investors and currency traders are looking to see whether or not Turkish democracy and rule of law still works,” he told TIME before the elections. “If the Istanbul race is something that the AKP is going to de-legitimize, what might they do with the central bank?””

CGTN interview on Israeli airstrikes in Syria